Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it's been a rough night

i've been sitting here rocking back and forth for hours. doc was going to stay home with me, but i wouldn't let him, because Elephants. so he's going to try to get off work early. i don't know what good that will do me, no, i do, it will make me feel better and he can distract me.

more pills turned up missing, bitch wiped out our recreational and needed medication. i will throttle her if i ever see her again. a soma would have calmed my ass right down last night. but it wasn't to be.

i've taken 100mgs of hydroxyzine to try to calm down. now my stomach hurts, but i'm not hungry today. yesterday doc brought home cheesesteaks. nom nom nom.

i have done fuck all this week. i've done some stuff. mainly cleaning the house and taking care of the cats. i have done nothing on the computer really. i use the excuse that doc has had the laptop. but i have another machine and an external hard drive so i really have no excuse. i've just been recovering from the past two months of being on guard all the time with Red.

today i have no plans. tomorrow we go pick up bobo. i'm so happy we're getting a new son. watch, we will collect every cat that looks like jack that comes through that shelter. no, we're only getting bobo because the price is so low for the month. our shelter is having a clearance sale of sorts, trying to adopt out all the adult cats it has collected over the year.

i'm worried about how we're going to tell bobo from vader, from evie. i get evie and vader confused as it is. i have to check the collars. but bobo's collar is a lot like vaders and it will have the same tags vader has. twins. this is just what we need.

the cats were all extra happy yesterday. doc boiled and i cut up a chicken breast for them. it's a treat they get about once a month. and they love it. everyone behaved yesterday.

felix has gotten to the point where he just comes home to eat. and it will get worse when we get bobo. he liked being my only cat. he doesn't know how to deal with the crowd. and he doesn't want to try. even simon gets along with the other cats. except freddie. i have a feeling they knew each other in their outdoor life. she really has something against him.

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