Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

ending with a plea for music suggestions

J canceled on me today. big bummer, i was really looking forward to her coming over, i cleaned the house and everything.

i have bobo's collar all ready to go. i called the shelter and he's scheduled to go to the adoption fair on saturday, so we will go there and get him. that way we can pick up more canned cat food as well.

i brought out jack's scratching board today. vader flipped over it. bagira approved. evie and vader fought over it. and lelu stretched her paws out on it. i'm glad i brought it out. i brought out vader's bed, too. toys go in it. vader doesn't sleep in it anymore.

okay, i'm trying music again, to see if i can find something that fits my new, cheerful mood. so far Blondie's "Maria" is doing a good job. we'll go with a short playlist of songs i haven't heard in at least a month.

i got photoshop 7 loaded and running on the laptop last night. now i really have no goddamn excuse for anything. like updating my five stores. one is really tasteless. products featuring the slogan "i went to Las Vegas, the plan their explosions". it's been up for about 6 years. and it stays relevant and tasteless. and i don't sell a one. but i think it's the font i used. i'm going to do another series now that i have photoshop on here.

i still haven't hooked up the printer, but that is more of a logistics problem. we have to move furniture to set it up to hook it up. what a drag. it sits here and i lean on its table while i'm on the floor. then i'll start looking for my pictures to scan. i think i found the box they're in today. it's the only big one i haven't opened and the three things i'm missing could conceivably be in there. and scan in those santa pictures. priceless. i was never scared of the old coot. i sat and grinned like i was supposed to. i was thinking i'd make a video with them, but instead of doing a piece of my own, doing "A Visit From St. Sid", by donnie the punk and doing it for xmas. that gives me plenty of time to get them scanned in, heh.

doc is dropping off the lease next week. yeah! signed and sealed.

ahhh . . . some Cyndi Lauper, old school. hee.

i've lost interest in being mad at or hurt by Red. i quit. i'm bored with her games, i just don't care anymore.

doc is asleep early tonight. he's been getting more sleep lately. mostly broken up into two three hour naps. he seems to do okay on 6 hours sleep. fact is, he's grumpy when he gets more or less than that. don't want him grumpy going into work. tomorrow is friday! he will have made it an entire week without staying home with me! Elephants. yep.

have you ever hear Colin Hay's "Overkill", the old Men at Work song? well, feast your ears. even if you didn't like the Men at Work version or music or sound, try it, you may be surprised.

i need new music, any suggestions are welcome. let's see, what do i like that's new-ish . . . adele, pink, lily allen, madonna, i don't know, i haven't been exposed to much. i like the new Dropkick Murphy's new record. i'll try anything. except rap and country. no no no.

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