Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

good motherfucking morning

i haven't used that word in far too long.

if you've been looking at the daily pictures of me that i post on twitter and wondering why . . . i have a web cam on the laptop that i play with. and occasionally i take a picture out of the set and publish it. my obsession with myself never ends.

i'm going to try to get J in front of the cam to get a picture of her and i today when she comes over.

i could barely sleep, i was so excited about the lease and bobo last night. i did get 5 hours, though. i feel amazing.

so we switched out my TV with Red's old TV. it's something like 27 inches. it's huge. compared to my last one.

ack! i have to make a trailer for my youtube channel. yikes. i don't even know what i'll say. i guess i have to think about that for a while. and whether i'm going to make a live one, or just a picture. if i make a live one i have to figure out how to hook up my new USB mic and record from it and the webcam. i'm sure it can't be that complicated. it's just daunting at 6:56 in the morning.

ahhh, fresh coffee. and singing really loudly to "The Space Between" by the Dave Matthews Band. it's the only song by them i like and i love it. it's right in my range (i am a solid alto). i always wanted to be a singer, except for when i wanted to be an ice skater, oh, and when i wanted to be a trucker. my parents tried. voice lessons, church choirs, religious music to sing along to. i'm just a bad singer. i got a job doing back-up with a band when i was 16, but that fell through when my parents wouldn't let me leave the sate to do a gig. now i have illusions of a middle aged punk band. screaming bad lyrics in torn clothing, smelling of cheap beer. that's my dream, baby.

i'm still on the fence about the BatteBorn slam on the saturday after first friday. it's the team that goes to nationals every year, and people hoping to get on it. i have no illusions about that. it is not a goal of mine. i just want to read. i'll do it in any context i can; open mic, slam, in front of a stripper to bad house music . . . whatever.

ooh, i just happened upon a bunch of archive disks, time to go play with blue max.

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