Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oh wow, cool and cooler

the animal shelter where we got vader is having a sale in june. $50 off adoption fees for cats over 6 months old. they have a jack clone that doc keeps seeing every week that has been there since vader was adopted by us. his name is bobo. i've seen pictures of hi, he looks just like jack and vader and evie. heh. and we're adopting him on saturday. this comes at a really good time because i think J might want bagira back. which is okay, as long as she's going to take as good care of him as she used to. he is a really special cat.

in more good news . . . our property management company sent us the new lease today! our rent is going up by $50 a month, big deal. we don't have to pay an additional pet deposit, our old one carries over. and we get to stay here another year!!! i might just break out the hammer and put up some artwork tonight. i'm so happy!! all we have to do is sign the lease and get the renter's insurance renewed and take the paperwork into the office. YEAH!! i was so afraid we'd have to leave here. and i love it here. i'm just getting comfortable in this house.

so, a new black cat and we get to stay here another year. pretty good day.

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