Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

there is no subject, it is just an illusion

i really have to control myself and hold my tongue. i hate that.

meanwhile back in the normal world . . .

oh, fuck, i forgot to sweeten my coffee. ech.

J is coming over tomorrow for coffee. a girl date. for us girls. sitting on the patio and bull shitting and getting to know one another. cool. she ended up texting me. after i told B that i would call her, i got attacked by shyness.e so everything worked out.

i'm almost to 3,000 tweets. that doesn't seem like much compared to most of the people i follow.

so "texting" is not a word that spell check approves of. heh. and i thought it just didn't like MY made up words.

one thing i love about our huge living room is that, even with all the furniture we have in it, i can still spread all my stuff out on the floor and sit here instead of on the couch all the time. binder, paper journal, remote, headphones, laptop, phone, water, coffee, lighter, pipe. yep, it's all here, spread out around me. and behind me is a chair with a big cushion against it to lean back and relax on when i want. yep. i love this living room. oh, wait, i need my music stick and blue max. forgot about them. need to do some work.

i didn't do any last night. i ended up going into my room, curling up with simon, and watching my night light for two hours. then i got up and fucked around the house. today i have no excuse, i was sucked in by twitter. yep. i am weak. i got a bunch of new followers today though, don't know what that's about.

Red "liked" a bunch of stuff on my facebook TL. whatever. no indication that she's trying to fuck doc over, no. i can't believe the two-faced-ed-ness of some people. ugh.

there goes the psychotic rooster, must be time for doc to wake up. i hate that thing. at least he doesn't wake up to "Margaritaville" or something vile like that. but the psychotic rooster stresses me out. the way he starts all soft and gets louder and louder. ack! waking up like that must be hell. i have a hard enough time not panicking to a regular alarm clock.

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