Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"i don't feel bad about letting you go, i just feel bad about letting you know . . ."

sometime in the night, my hair decided to part on the side. okay. so i have this hair in my face. i feel like i'm back in high school behind my bangs. everything is seen through a haze of hair.

i discovered last night that my dark music has no appeal to me when i'm on meds that work. i started listening to it, expecting to drown myself in bass and dreary. but it all sounded hollow to me. small price to pay for meds that work.

i got in to see my shrink next thursday. the receptionist acted like they'd been waiting for me to call and make an appointment, she went straight to the next available, working within my schedule without me having to remind her. strange. i guess i leave an impression. oops. but he, also, is not taking new patients. *sigh* so i will try to weasel a list of doctors that might have openings out of my guy. meanwhile, i will get more valium, which i don't need right now, but doc does.

the goal of Twitter, if you see it like a game . . . earn "Favorite"s and "Retweet"s by being clever and witty. but the way to do that is to reach outside your comfort zone and expose your thoughts to people and absorb theirs. i don't get the "stars", as they call them. but i've only been on twitter for a year, and only interacting with other people for a couple of months, when i hooked up with the atheist crowd. i'm still trying to find people to follow, i haven't started in that whole "gather the emotional tokens" yet. i'm still discovering the wonders of the "#", which tags a word as easily searchable on the site, and thats how you find people with like interests. and all of this is circular and designed to get you being social, reaching out and exposing yourself to other people 140 characters at a time. you get some great jokes, some have "Twitter Crushes", and i get to see all the cat pictures i could ever want to. like any good website, and so few, it sucks me in for hours. like live journal used to. it is my biggest time waster. oh, and there's a marketing scheme behind it, but i really don't know anything about it. it's pretty low key.

wow, i just did a whole thing there all by myself. good for me.

i should go, before i start extolling the virtues and value of pinterest. but i'm still learning that one. you collect pictures from around the web, sort them and caption them, then other people look at them and cross gather the ones they like for their "Board"s. (oh here we go . . .) but i haven't found an easy way of finding other people, well, it's easy enough, just takes a lot of time, because you are looking at images and there is no clear link from a person's pin to the board to their page. it frustrates me. so i'm more on the collection side of things right now. can be used for photos, video, and i think audio, i'm not sure about that last one.

see. i knew it.

have a great evening. or i'll cut you, bitch.

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