Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"and i won't let you let me waste it this time"

took a nap until 6. i feel great now. all the stress of this morning, gone in a puff of dream dust. nice how the brain works things out while you sleep.

i am the Dread Pirate Cydniey. i will run you through.

henry rollins on gay marriage:

i really need to stop humming, i'm scaring the cats. i figured out why i can't hum on key. i can only sing on key if i sing loudly (damn theater training), and i only hum softly. so i can't hum on key. *opens mouth and belts: "tall and tan and young and lovely . . ."

when people ask about "her" at the slam on the 12th, i'm going to simply say, "she moved to a hole in the desert". let them think i put her there. i wouldn't. holes in sand take time and effort to dig, and i'm simply not that invested.

my new campaign is trying-to-get-kelli-to-come-back. she's sick of her job. she's sick of her life. i'm sick of being without her. i mean, it's perfect.

a while ago i mentioned that i made a photobook of the cats and the house and the roses for kel's mom fr mothers day/her birthday. well i finally sent it. and mom loved it! she totally made me cry on the phone when i called kelli today. she was so happy and touched and i just love that woman.

"It's nice to be nice to the nice." - - Frank Burns

doc and kel and i have decided that we are the only truly sane people in this world.

"crazy isn't something you just are, it takes a lot of time and effort to get there." - - Kelli

today's word of the day: twatwaffle. i can't wait to use that. i used it with doc as a trial run. went over well. i can't take credit for it though, i read it on twitter. twitter is full of little gems like that. i've finally started following the right people that RT the funny stuff. i'm finding all sorts of new accounts to follow.

social media sites are a game of skill. you are there to get validation. to be popular. to get the follows and the favorites and the shares and the likes. it's a game of skill that people have only cultivated online. if you don't play that game, you just blindly broadcast your thoughts like i do, it's actually quite fun. it took me a long time to figure that out and stop playing the game. validation from strangers doesn't seem as important as i used to. could it be i'm getting deeper?

mmmmm nom nom. doc just went out and got me corn tortillas. i've been eating a lot of them with melted butter. he's not happy about the diet, but he is happy i'm eating. so he keeps me in corn tortillas. i'm going to go bury myself in them now.

have a nice night. this is probably not the last time tonight you will hear from me.

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