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did any of ann coulter's mother's children survive?

god, that woman is a compete moron. she doesn't even make me angry anymore, i just feel sorry for her.

i'm assembling 100 pictures i want to print. doc gave me the postage for them. i'm going to print out some cam images for a collage. and the sunset pictures. and the updated cats roster.

i can't believe i cleaned my room. i've only been talking about it since Red moved in. simon and burned some incense and took a nap in there earlier.

a couple of things Red did/told me were really cool and helpful. 1) get a stair stepper; 2) instead of the small litter box in the mudroom, get a big , deep plastic bin and fill it 1/3 with scoopable cat litter. easy to scoop, the cats love it, they don't even use the one in my room anymore. only simon uses it. he prefers the smaller box. and it get's scooped every morning, so it never smells. both of them do, get scooped, that is, not smell.

i tried to burn a music CD today, forgetting i have no CDs. so i'll wait on that. i'll wait until i have more material. fill the thing up. i also have to teach myself how to edit the pieces, because some of them have introductions and such in them. and i don't want that on the CDs. i'm just going to burn some to give out. no artwork or anything, no selling them, that didn't work the first time. just something to give people when they hear me. i wish i'd had one at the slam earlier this month. i would have given it to the guy who asked to read me and in the second round, left his barstool and pulled up a chair in front of the stage so he could hear me.

do you have any idea how that made me feel? the pressure was on and i felt the thrill of it run through me and i put my all into that piece, battling the horrible mic all the way. i only got a 19.5 out of 30 for that . . . stupid mic and wrong piece. i'm ready for it this time, buddy. get a new mic, moss. i wonder if he could use either of the mics i have. i don't know how good they are, but he must go through mics with all the bands he has in there.

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