Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

okay, check this out, you know, if you want to

i cleaned my room! i was so proud that i took pictures of it and posted them on facebook. there was so much cat vomit from simon. that has stopped. of course, the closet in the spare room has some stuff in it now. but it isn't like we're using that room for anything but the cats. felix still has a place to lay in the closet and really, isn't that all that matters?

i found another tattoo i want. that's two. okay, i'll stop now. i don't want a heart, some other shape . . . maybe a crescent moon. but i want the same fill, i want it to be doc's thumb print (get it? under his thumb?). i don't know where i'll put it. maybe the back of one of my shoulders. i told him about it and he thought it was a really cool idea until i told him i wanted it to be his thumb print. now he's mulling it over. i told him it could be the anniversary gift that erased all past evil anniversary's.

i don't know who i'd get to do it. i guess make an appointment with Dirk Vermin. get on the waiting list. this is not the average tat. it is very small and very high detail and i don't know that i trust it to anyone besides him.

i found a web site today that has the same basic functions as photoshop for pedestrian image editing. i was so happy. i can just whip an image up there, do what i need to and save it. not worry about finding a bloody copy of photoshop to put on here. i have it on computer1. now i will be playing much more with my images.

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