Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"every one's a fucking napoleon"

good shining morning.

i've gotten a little sleep, a little nicotine and a little companionship from doc.

did you know that 2G of music is roughly 25 hours? yeah. i have 25 hours of music and i plan on adding to it today. one day i listen to it all from start to finish. and this is just my daily play list. and still i feel like i'm hearing the same songs over and over again. but i'm not.

we have a lazy day planned. trip to storage. some yard work. and dinner. which i am looking forward to already. lemon butter salmon. i almost had it for breakfast. but i controlled myself and had corn tortillas instead.

shutterfly is offering another free 100 prints. all i have to pay is postage. they always do this to me at the end of the month after i've spent all my money on bills. oh, wait. i have a $10 kel's mom sent me. maybe i can trade him cash for credit and get my pictures. then i'll have something to do all day. find 100 pictures i want printed. there are some sunsets i want for a cluster of photos in the hallway.

i have nothing interesting to say. i'm going to go harvest poetry.

have a great day. thank the vets.

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