Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

okay i made it to 2009

there were only five poems in 2010 . . . and i found myself reading my journal entries. god how do you people read this stuff? i'm the most boring, sleep obsessed, self-absorbed person . . . i mean, i HAVE to read it. i'm just glad i don't remember living it. did he really disappear new year's eve 2009? what an ass. heh.

if i devote an hour to this every day this week, i can finish it and start coming up for titles to some 200+ poems. why don't i title them when i write them? i could punch myself in the head. and i've written about doc a lot. a lot more than i thought i did. i could actually do a chapbook just of his poems. scary. love poems, ick.

what the weeping christ is on the tv? pardon me while i change this . . .

ahh, NCIS marathon. yes, i'm an 80 year old woman. i tell myself that i just think ziva is hot.

i made doc a grocery list. he asked that i cook for myself more, and i'm finally ready to start doing it. i'm going to make a quiche. i haven't had my quiche in quite a long time. spinach and feta. i'm on a spinach kick right now. spinach and fish, don't know where this came from. and black bean enchildas. that will feed me, along with the salmon in the frreezer and the stuff in the pantry for a couple of weeks.

next month i'll make a cheddar broccoli quiche and splurge on the $12/lb extra sharp cheddar for it. i'm being lazy and having doc get me pie crust . . . there is no point in making it, when you can buy perfectly good pre-made stuff. that is only true for a few things. but pie crust is one of them.

i love tori amos because she wrote a song with her leather in it. i'm sad that winter is over, i've had to relegate my leather to the closet. one of these day's i'm going to get myself a mannequin and keep the leather on it. hee. i'm hopelessly in love with a 25 year old, $75 dollar leather jacket. yes. it's true. and to lose it earlier was hell. i'm glad the dickhead decided to give it back. i was devastated. what a year.

my Nerds are almost gone. *sigh* it's been a nice sugar binge, half a box of nerds and a couple ounces of milk chocolate. three bottles of cola later.

simon is himself again. which freaks me out, because maybe it was the dog that fucked him up emotionally and made him stop eating. because i want to get a dog. but i don't want simon stressed out. so i'm continuing him on soft food supplements for the foreseeable future so he gets used to it and when we get a dog, it will just be habit to get extra food and hopefully all will go well.

i don't know what makes me think i can manage this menagerie and raise a dog. but i'm willing to try.

the bird thing fucked me up. when i saw the thing fall from the tree, before i knew what it was, i said half-jokingly to myself, "oh, look god sent me another creature to die in my arms," then dismissed it until evie alerted me. nice. this is why i don't believe in god. i'd just be angrier. (look for that line again, i liked it so much, i tweeted it)

but i couldn't have let evie eat it, if that was her intent. i'm not THAT into the circle of life.

i think im going to go watch the muppet show for a while.

have a nice night, everyone.

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