Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

okay, i'm up, i'm up, where's the bird?!?

i'm sitting with BB in her nest, waiting for the sun to hit the yard so i can take her out and wake her up. frankly, i'm surprised she made it through the night. i'm feeling more optimistic, if i can get her to eat, i'll feel really good about things. i've got her menu coming up to room temperature before i heat it. it heats more evenly if you let food come to room temperature before preparing. though i've never served warm meal worm and egg and kibble sashimi before, i'm sure the same principals are true.

wasn't as squeamish about grabbing the little meal worms and slicing them up into small pieces (damn things don't chop) as i thought i would be. and i ground up the egg shell and mixed it with the egg pieces. she's all beak. is the link to the best picture i have of her so far.

doc is making me nuts. he keeps waking up with a start and yapping, "is the bird in the sun, did you feed her . . . where is the bird?", (punctuation really baffles me) and disturbing my music time. the sun is still too low in the sky to put her in it . . . there is nothing i can do about that. he needs a xanax. i wish he could find his bottle of it. he is really hurting.

oh, she's awake, time to go feed her!

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