Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

and her name is BB

it stands for Baby Bird. she fell out of her nest while i was sitting outside smoking. at first i thought she was just a pine cone so i ignored her until evie walked over, sniffed her and meowed at me. i went over to investigate and there was this tiny hatchling on the ground. i looked around for her parents, no other birds were out. so i picked her up.

after some internet research, we have instructions on how to try to save her. doc is off getting kitten chow and meal worms. i have to feed her every fifteen minutes. and try not to imprint her, or maybe i'll be bad and keep a wild animal and imprint her so she loves me. she is sleeping right now. she's so young. her eyes are still closed and she's covered with down. i found a bird nest in the back yard that blew down yesterday and put it in a shoe box and put her in it, she curled right up and went to sleep.

i'll post pictures on twitter later when she wakes up.

am i ready for this challenge? does mother nature just see a giant blinking "sucker" sign over my head?

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