Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i just talked to J. he and Red got in okay. they had a bit of bother with the packing job, but other than that they are safe. she's probably lost in cigarettes and coffee and taking care of milo and will call soon.

i did that cold water thing and i feel wide awake, my eyes finally uncrossed. now i'm afraid to go to sleep because i'm afraid i'll sleep until the alarm goes off and only have a half an hour to get my ducks in a row before waking up doc. that is not enough time. i i know i will be disoriented when i wake up . . . no. i'll stay up until he leaves at 1:15.

i want to make a video, but i don't want to look at myself. heh. every time i hear miles bark next door, i think it's milo wanting to come in. ugh. so yeah, make a video. i've got 14 pieces to choose from. and thousands of pictures, literally. no two the same. lordy.

the cats seem lost without milo. especially evie. so sad. felix is in a foul mood, i let him out because he was growling at everyone for no reason. their buddy is gone.

when we get a dog, it will have short fur. that i know.

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