Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Howler is not Howler, is Evie

yes, we changed the poor cat's name back to Evie. doc discovered, quite by accident, that she answers to it. so there you go. she chose her name, after all.

i just figured out why i can't go to sleep. i've been up for what feels like days. maybe it has been. anyway, i'm waiting for Red to get to her new home and call me. she's two hours late, now. i think i'm going to call her at 8 and make sure everything is okay.

went over to see B today. big relief he doesn't have cancer. we went over to celebrate the good news and visit and such. then we did all the running around. then we came home and hung out for a while and then cooked our respective dinners.

the salmon was actually steel head trout, i've no idea why it was so pink. but it was oh, so good. and if you like such things, Trader Joe's brand frozen Spanikopita is worth the money. it is delicious. as good as what i make. that impresses me because i am very particular.

yeah, i'll definitely call Red at 8. worst case scenario, i can't get ahold of her. best case, i can relax and get a couple hours sleep before having to feed the cats and get doc up for work. then, after he goes to work, i can sleep all night out here on the futon.

tomorrow i clear out my room. it is claustrophobic in there with the bags of winter clothes and boxes of xmas stuff. i also have to clean an unreasonable amount of cat vomit off the floor. simon and his poor stomach. we're getting him a nutritional supplement this weekend, and i'm upping the wet food feedings. it's the dry food he's yarking up. i can't pill him alone, Red was my partner in that. and if doc is involved, with simon's neurosis, it becomes an 8 person job to keep control of him.

evie is wandering around the house looking for milo. they were buddies. doc said today (to evie, of course, not directly to me) that if evie is very good he will get her a new doggie buddy to play with. yes!! we're going to get a dog! not for a while, we have to save up to get a kennel and dishes and vet money and that sort of thing, but he's open to the idea of a dog.

we'll go and find a rescue dog. i'm so excited. we will wait until we find the right one, not look for any particular size or breed. we can fit the kennel in the living room so the dog has a safe place away from the cats but near us to be. i'm so happy. doc needs a dog. he wanted so badly for milo to love him. and in his own way, milo did. but he wouldn't come to doc and rarely let doc pet him. milo is a great protector and dog, but he's very skittish with people, even with Red.

but doc and dogs are like fettuccine and alfredo. he is so much happier with a dog around to spoil and train and walk and snuggle with. i want one for security. the bars on the windows and doors aren't enough for me. i want a panting alarm system. i also want something to take to the dog park. and for walks . . . oh wow. excitement and anticipation. have to wait until we find one good with cats, or one that is mellow and can be trained to be good with cats, cuz they will beat the shit out of it if it steps out of line.

i'm almost out of smokes. my hope is to run out and pass out around the same time. doc will bring more home in the morning. we went through three cartons in record time, the three of us. we all smoked way too much together. because we sat outside so much just yapping away and smoking was something to do with our hands.

my eyes are crossing, even though the coffee has got my mind and body wired. i feel like i could run a mile, if i could just see. and let me tell you, typing is a fucking trip like this. the words are on top of each other, slightly offset. two of each. i think maybe some eyedrops and some cold water in the face would do me wonders.

please let Red be safe and milo be safe and J be safe. i'll know in 20 minutes. time for a smoke. if i can get the door open, heh.

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