Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

no milo, no Red, no pants


Red is gone. she's actually been gone since 10 this morning, but i've been busy running around since then. she left the most amazing video of milo on my facebook wall. she talks about me throughout. it's so touching. i so cried like a puss. i couldn't help it. go, there, watch it, you'll see what i mean.

the cats are all laid out on the couches and chairs. doc is watching a movie on the computer and drinking lager. NCIS is on as usual, but other than it and the whine of this poor computer, it is eerily quiet. so strange. the place seems so empty. and big. now we have this big empty furnished bedroom and only two people and no big dog . . . weird. will take some time to get used to. i think it will actually take time to really accept she is gone and not coming back. maybe when she calls from her destination it will hit me. i don't know. maybe not until tomorrow morning when doc comes home and we start the day alone with each other. i miss her.


doc and i went to Trader Joe's and i got some spanikopita and a salmon fillet to cook for dinner. i can't wait. we went to look for a good lager for him. he found one, and a nice bottle of cheap wine to boot.

this weekend we are moving everything against one living room wall and moving it over six inches. and then putting a small desk next to this one for the printers and the cats to lay on (there is a lower shelf for them). this living room really is huge. and i think i'll move some boxes out of my room and store them in the spare room closet for now. until i get another set of utility shelves for my stuff in the garage. and we are vacuuming. it has been windy this week and the house is so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o dusty. and so full of cat fur.

i sat back and realized i'm all done with my computer busywork. so i made a list of additional things to do. added a few old things to it that have been put on burners so far back i lost sight of them.

i know eventually i'm going to have to sleep. but every time i sit down to relax, i think of something that needs to be done and i rush off and do it. i've gotten up three times just writing this to go and do stupid little shit. tidying up and such.

we got 5 pounds of shredded mozarella cheese today for $10. i was so happy. deal of the year. i put it into smaller bags and put most of it in the freezer. that will last me a long ass time. we also got this tried-but-failed "chocolate flavored" hazelnut spread. 2 pints for $2. couldn't turn it away for that. with the right peanut butter, i won't know the difference from Nutella. shopping with doc is fun. he knows where in the stores that they hide the clearance and damaged stuff. we spent $30 and got 6 big bags of groceries. and we didn't even mean to. we went into the store for toilet paper. go figure.

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