Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

yeah, i'm taking ANOTHER break

i just found 15 mp3 files i didn't know i had written/recorded. i don't even know where any of them are written down, heh. i guess i should not be stoned when i update my website/check the bloody thing more often. jaysus, when was the last time i went to my own site and looked at things? i redid the front page a year or so ago. maybe 6n months, but i haven't gone and surfed around to see what all i've got up there.

so i'm diving around my "current" site file folder and come across this folder that has no meaning to me. "cs". i've just ignored it. so out of undying curiosity, i finally looked in it and saw all these titles. and since i can't read them, i have to listen to them to find out what is going on with them.

the whole thing is just so funny. the huge gaps in my memory and consciousness where i do stuff and then have no memory of it later. i blame that apartment. everything was pied in and boxed up and a fucking mess. i had things burned onto disks just sitting, put away.

now i'm being VERY careful labeling stuff and keeping it in one place. i have a corner set up in the living room with the computers on the desk (huge goddamned living room) and a drawer in the entertainment center. i'll be fixing my printer today and installing it in the living room corner. i have a table for it to sit on, and new ink cartridges. i just have to clean the printer head and everything should be kosher. i can't hook it up to the laptop, but i can take stuff off the laptop with Blue Max and take them to the printer computer.

happiness and joy.

oh, wow. David Bowie song i forgot about, lemme sit back and listen to this for a minute . . .

" . . . and the pills that i took made my fingers disappear . . ."

okay, this is getting silly. i'm sinking in the music when i should be sinking in my own voice. time to actually get to work and stop fucking about.

really, everyone have a great day. it's halfway through the week, we're almost there!

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