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wow, it's really coming

my birthday. three days away. i'll be 44. when i was 22 i KNEW i would never get this far, and i have. and it is starting to look like i'm going to live a long life. i've been giving thought to the future. do i go back to school, get an english degree and work from home as a copy editor for the long term future? i could do that. whatever it is, i need to actually stop denying and start planning for my future.

another day brings another video. this time, my favorite piece, Rage Rover Rant. a shitty title but a great piece, and if i do say so, a fabulous recording of it. i got it in one take, i was so passionate about this piece. if i'm going to do it at a slam, i need to seriously rehearse it.

i found an MP3 disk of a birthday mix i made myself in 2004. i'm listening to it now. it' making me happy.

i have to update my front page of my website today to link to the videos. or, if you're impatient, search me on it's so cool to say that. well, it's cool to me. i don't know why it took me so long to come up with the idea, and recycling all the old webcam images is pure brilliance as far as i'm concerned. yes, i'm pretty fucking pleased with myself.

i think i'm going to go try to get food stamps today. or a food voucher or whatever they call it now. welfare. the food money would really help, as i don't get enough money to eat from SSI. so hopefully they will grant me this one wish.

felix killed a mouse last night. good kitty. vader killed a water roach. good kitty.

we got simon pilled with no injuries last night. Red is a great piller. i hold him and she uses the tool to shoot it into his mouth, then she holds his mouth shut while i rub his throat. the whole thing is over before he has time to get really pissed. the secret is wrapping the evil cur in a towel. and holding his head up by the scruff, or else he sinks it into the towel like a damn muppet.

between doc and i, we have cleared off over 100 gigs of space on the hard drive. YAY! and since we both got paid today, we're going to go get me that DVD folio i want for all the disks i burned. it's expensive, $40 but it holds 140 disks and it's three ring, so i can take pages out without taking out the disks. this is cool for taking things with me. between that and my flash drives, i can make my writing and art mobile. i don't know why this makes me feel better about life. knowing i can fit it all into a bag if i need to with the laptop and run.

i don't know what i'd run from. it's just good to know.

i had a two hour religious and gays in the military debate with Red last night. wow, do we believe different things. it was fun for a while, but ultimately tiring. i now remember why i don't talk about these things with people. and i was talking to someone who was in the Air Force and didn't know about DADT. i shook my head a lot. politics was a no go, she doesn't know anything about them. i could have kept it going, i got her really wound up, but i had to get doc up and once he was up i took the opportunity of distraction and went to sleep before he left for work. she was asleep when i got up at three am.

did i mention i'm reading Kurt Vonnegut's "Hocus Pocus"? it's great. it's about this returned Vietnam Vet. but so much more, though it's about his life. so funny. so engrossing. i had to slow myself down reading it because i'm out of books. doc and i need to go to storage and get the rest of my books out of there before i finish it.

even though Red is leaving, i'm planning on continuing to go to slams. it will be a little harder alone, but the poets in the scene now are a friendly lot and i won't be alone for very long.

my ad at didn't net me any fish. a lot of nibbles, no actual hellos. why are dykes so fucking shy? if any of you are reading this, i'm a bottom, you need to make the first move.

moving on . . . i'm going to go out and have a smoke with Red. everyone have a great day.

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