Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

does anyone remember OLAS?

the "Our Lips Are Sealed" webring from 10 years ago where i tried to bring together the non-porn cam girls . . . i just found the entire site, graphics, original Adobe files and all on a disk. it's gorgeous. i really wish i remembered how to do that.

in that vein, i'm going to fix the CD/DVD drive on computer1 tomorrow so i can load all my old websites into Dreamweaver and take them apart. then maybe design something new for

i figure, i took the computer apart, i should be able to put it back together again. i think it's just one cable that needs to be hooked up, because it has power, it just isn't reading. hell, that's no problem. i can handle that.

i think i will, when i redesign the site, put up my old sites on it in a resume archive. i'm not looking to go back to work designing websites, i'm way behind the coding times. but it would be nice to have those examples up there for the world to see.

no one is watching my new video. i take that back. one person watched it and it got glowing reviews. so watch it! or just listen to it. you know, you don't HAVE to see my boob. just avert your eyes.

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