Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

internet not off as long as i thought it would be is the link to the newest video by me. it's more sleeping photos with the piece "Your Daughter is a Slut, Said the Bishop's Wife". after listening to it today over and over while i made the video, i decided not to post the live performance of it from the slam, as compared to the "studio" version, it SUCKS. i haven't even looked at the video of it, but i remember being up there and sacrificing emphasis for volume. BIG MISTAKE. like i discussed earlier, from now on i will only do pieces that are meant to be loud at the double down.

i should have listened to myself and gotten re-familiar with the recordings of my work before i went out and read it again. now i know how much better i can be. and i will strive to put that back into my live performances.

Red is moving out. she wants to get her dog out of the desert. i'm sad of course, but she has to do what is best for her and her's.

by the way, there is boob in the video i posted, warning to my more sensitive viewers. i discovered it halfway through the process and thought it went well with the irony. seems i used to sleep nude on cam. don't remember that. i'm hoping it doesn't violate any youtube TOS or so few people watch it that no one notices. i don't expect my boob and poetry to go viral. boob happens.

i figured out a use for facebook, besides passing along all my tweets: stabbing at my dad. not effective, as he doesn't read facebook, he just joined it for no reason i'm assuming . . . but it makes me happy.

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