Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

quick, before the vicodin kicks in

i cracked my ribs coughing. Red was trying to clean out my old espresso maker (we are such junkies) by running vinegar through it and she didn't turn the vent in the kitchen on. i walked right into it and started coughing and by the time i had made it out to the back patio, i had cracked a couple of ribs.

i've done it before, not many people believe me. now i have a doctor's note to prove it. when i cough, i do it hard. i would rather puke than cough, it's easier on me.

but the anti inflammatory is really working. my pain is WAY down and i got ten hours of uninterrupted sleep yesterday. i've been up all night. Red stayed up most of the night with me. the neighbors were celebrating, so they were all up being loud all night and Red and i sat out on the patio smoking and bullshitting and drinking coffee.

i picked my two pieces for the slam wednesday. the "pussy poem" and "your daughter is a slut" (which can be heard free at it will show range. i don't know how in the universe i'm going to follow it up at the next slam, but this one will be good. i should impress some people. and with any luck, i will impress myself. i was going to do a shot before going up on stage, i think i'll take a vicodin instead. will make the whole production of taking my teeth out easier on my fragile ego.

today's activities will include staying out of doc's way; digging out the computer chair; restarting the poetry harvest from this here livejournal. none of it involves the laptop, so the kids can have it all day (i call them the kids collectively, and mom and dad separately) to watch movies or whatever it is they do. i should hook up the tv/VCR/DVDstereo in my room today, too. it's all just sitting there in a pile when it could be hooked up and simon could be listening to NPR all day.

my vanity knows no bounds, now that it's been let out of it's cage. the first thing i did this morning after getting my coffee was not stuff two cigarettes and smoke them, no it was to straighten my hair. and i've made the decision to bleach it out and dye it red because i want the orange back. it will then be the same color as Red's. that's not what i'm after but the ensuing hilarity of confusing doc is too tempting.

we all laugh a lot. doc and Red are fighting less, they are coming to understandings. she is very easy going when it comes down to it. so we all sit around and talk and then do our things and joke around and we're all witty people, so it's very loud with laughter here. and when we laugh, milo runs around with his tail wagging and a big smile on his face.

i'm sitting here looking at it, and i think i can get that computer chair out of its prison by myself. i'm going to go do that. that will make my data entry work today so much more comfortable than that wooden dining room chair i've been using.

have a gorgeous day everyone!

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