Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

how do you know you're getting old?

when a call to 911 for chest pains and fainting result in 2 ambulances, 6 paramedics, and a cop in under three minutes.

after a night in the ER, they found inflamation between my breast bone and rib cage. they have no explanation for it. the fainting is simple, i couldn't get enough air. i woke up whining in pain, took a vicodin. it's started to kick in and i can breathe again.

i got to chew on baby asprin with nitro in it and got some stuff sprayed under my tongue. then i got an infiltrated IV, which is what happens when the IV is put in with a bent needle and misses the vein. so i have an arm full of saline, iodine, vicodin and composine. it's swollen up to popeye proportions. i have the worst luck with paramedics and IVs.

the hospital i once loved has gone down hill. i won't go there again. i'll go to saint rose dominican from now on. i got put back in the realm of burned out nurses. one was actually telling a patient to shut up. it was pretty dismal. and to add insult to injury, they stuck me without the tv remote and it was set to fox news. i lost IQ points in that emergency room.

i slept on the love seat last night. i notice this morning that Red slept on the couch so she could be near if i needed her. i adore her.

milo was all concerned about me. he smelled hospital on me and cleaned all my IV holes. then he tried to hump me. Red started crying because he's never done that with anyone but her. then he brought me his toy to play with him. it was all very unusual for milo.

i had a flash of inspiration about the youtube videos. i will use pictures from the sleep galleries. i think they go with the work well. the pussy poem will hopefully have two versions. the first, a slideshow i make, the second, a live performance video from the slam next wednesday.

tonight is first friday. i hope doc lets me go. as long as i have the vicodin, i'm good. i have to go follow up with a doctor and get more. i do not have enough to outlast the pain, unless the pain stops tomorrow. which i don't see happening.

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