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lizard on the wall!

i'm on august 4th 2011. nothing to use for months. lots about freddie, though. when we were trying to trap her. and then when she came to live with us. she jumped up in my lap while i was reading some of it.

i slept through a stomach ache today. it was my first in a long time, though i have been puking suddenly and for no real reason lately. i didn't even want to deal. Red went to Searchlight to volunteer with at a bike rally. i was going to do some volunteer work with them on the web, but i've been looking at their set-up today, and aside from the facebook link not working when i tried to use it, they have a great web presence. what he needs is word of mouth. i will promote his dog rescue all i can. i may even ask Red if i can borrow her tshirt for the slam and wear that. if the guy gets some fliers made up, we can drop them around the bars we go to.

i may have mentioned, i went through all the music i had and made a flash drive of 314 of my favorite songs and brought it over to this computer to listen to while i work. since this is XP, the windows music player still has the "shuffle" option on the playlist. i swear i am in heaven. i was afraid there were songs i would regret, because, you know, it took 3 days to do that. i have a lot of music. i'm burning it all to disk, i am all too aware i have a lot of music. i have a nice stack of DVDs here and i have yet to make a dent in the size of my music folder. and there's so much i lost. pity. so i am in audio heaven, my mood being led up and down and around by the melodies and bass lines. hey, that was kind of po-etic . . . someone should be writing this down.

i'm surrounded by sleeping creatures. milo is on the floor in front of the couch, where Red sleeps to a werewolf movie from the 80's. lelu is curled up to my right on the floor on the computer cords, because, you know, they are there for here and have nothing to do with the big humming machines. doc is positively passed out on the loveseat and bagira laid out in the comfy chair. i got up from my nap and it was like this. i don't know how long it's been like this, but there it is, all sprawled out and cuddled up, as they would be.

my hair came out perfect today. speaking of which, i am getting a hair cut tomorrow. Red is getting it for me as an early birthday gift. she's trying to make me all girlie. but anyway, think of Will and Grace, in the early years, Grace's uncontrolable curly long hair. that's what i want. it just means putting a couple of long layers in it and thinning out the back a bit. it will make it so much easier to wash and wear. having it all one length, i tend to go one day and then look like a hippie. and if i wash it every day, i look like Gilda Radner. funny lady, bad, bad hair. so i collected pictures of Grace today and emailed them to Red's phone, so we can show him what i want. with it layered, it will tangle less and be easier to wash and take care of. it will also look good straightened. versatility. that's me.

so i only need to win 20 slams, and i will be able to afford dental implants. which is where any winnings are going. i have many schemes to get the two grand i need to get it done. it should take about a year. by the time i'm 45 i'll have a full set of teeth again. i also want to get my tattoo by next year at this time. the sun i'm getting is making my scars come up all white and it's starting to look really frightening. i would avoid me in the street. what i wish i had the guts to do is get the scars colored in. as they are. each one a different color. but i like the kitten/skull thing better. and dirk vermin is into rockabilly, he will have no problem doing some stylized animated kittens and skull. i have to come up with a scheme to pay for that. it's going to be expensive. i'm thinking at least $500 to have it designed and done. the good thing is it's all blackwork and no shadow.

so, teeth, and a tat. and one year and a couple of weeks to do it.

i also want to find a rescue or shelter that needs web help and volunteer my services. i can get back into web design, i still have the software. the idea of volunteering motivates me and piques my interest. it would be nice to be able to do something for the nice. it never occurred to me that i could volunteer something useful to a shelter without being there. Red is an inspiration.

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