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may 8th - Double Down - 8 pm - poetry slam - me - be there #vegas

i figured out that the network cable stretches out here on the patio. heh. so i'm sitting here listening to music and reading twitter.

i made Red listen to me yesterday, a song on my site (you know it, Reza feat. me doing Rage Rover Rant. just by the words she thought i was having her listen to ani difranco. i glowed, positively glowed, considering her new obsession with ani.

i can't wait for may 8th. i read through Stop Poking Me Lady yesterday looking for poems to read. today i'll look at the new stuff i've collected. title it and see if any of it is slam worthy. but i'll probably pick two pieces, and then, after hearing a couple of the poets, pick something else last minute. i'm known for that. so i'll rehearse a few different pieces.

i'm loving finding poems in the book that i forgot i wrote. Red found a couple yesterday. she promoted my book all over facebook. so i'm really looking forward to reading and titling the new stuff.

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