Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i emptied out my pockets all over the coffee table

we went to the Double Down last night. all three of us. i wanted to go for a poetry thing, but doc was out, so then we wanted to go for the band, but it took too long for us to get out the door so we missed that. meanwhile, Red drank. at the end of the night we had to drag her out of the middle of the street and into the truck. classic.

i didn't drink. and it was a boring crowd, and i really just wanted to go home. but Red somehow got me roped into a poetry slam on may 8th.

yes, you read that right. may 8th. poetry slam. $100, winner take all. not that interested in the money. am interested that i missed my favorite poet at the bar last night. it's been a decade since i saw him. i vanished for a long time, shite.

i was wearing my teeth last night. which might have soured my mood just a bit. but as soon as the poetry thing fell into place, i realized i couldn't do a slam with my teeth in. and i couldn't go to a slam with them not in. so i make it part of things. i can either look good or sound good. i'd rather sound good. i'm not in it to impress anyone with my looks.

bagira was in the kitchen meowing and i asked him what was up, and he jumped up in my lap, awwww. i'm starting to enjoy this webcam on my laptop. there, i set it as my desktop. i try to change it every couple of days since three of us use this thing.

i guess i better get to gathering poetry i've written and see if anything is slam worthy. i'm not ready to jump right in with the pussy poem. and if the old timers are going, i don't want to use my old stuff they've already heard. i will actually have to read and evaluate the stuff i've been writing for the past ten years, not just copy and paste and save it for later.

i've got some weight to lose. i'd like to wear my black jeans. last night i looked good in my smallest pair of vintage cammo pants and a skin tight black tshirt. i kept my leather on most of the time, though. i was going to wear the olive green wife beater i'd been wearing all day, but i puked on it.

oh yeah, i puked, for no reason, out of nowhere. all over the patio next to me. it happened as Red and doc got back. Red came into the back yard and i was almost passed out in the chair. it was so freaky. i took a bath and doc went out and bought me cola. i felt fine after the bath.

i didn't realize how boring the Martian Chronicles got in the middle. it makes me wonder if i have ever finished this book. i've read the first half at least three times before this. once earth kills off the martians and starts taking over the planet, i really lose interest. but i have nothing else to read. maybe while i set up the new shelving in the garage today, doc can go to storage and get my books.

he got me this great big storage shelf to put my art and craft supplies on. Red wants me to start beading again. i could organize it and set up the table out there. i don't know. i'll set the shelves up and get things organized on it and then see from there.

this means there will be an influx of stuff into my bedroom, so i really should clean it today and get it ready for more stuff. i still haven't unpacked my gargoyles.

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