Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i repeat, i hate facebook


i need to find my photos. i need to do a lot of things, but it bugs me that i haven't seen them. they are in a blue plaid box, if you've seen them. heh.

it's obscene how much sugar i put in it, but damn, i love espresso. Red is making it for me in her french press. ahhhh. it's so good. i haven't had espresso since . . .

i didn't get any poetry gathered today. i took a nap. smoked hookah. talked to Red and doc. we have a lot of fun. oh, and C and his friend came over briefly to say hi to Red and doc because they were in the neighborhood. C may be crashing on our couch for a little while soon. can you believe my mom was a grandma when she was my age?

i've given up on my back ordered sex pistols tshirt. so tomorrow i'm ordering a new black flag tshirt. in a larger size so it will fit me. that's a nice free thing, i'll save it for my birthday. then, doc said if they get my sex pistols shirt in stock, i can order it then.

i have no money for food or bills or anything this month. i don't even have enough for rent. i had to spend $320 on my meds today. but that's for three months. doc is being really cool about it. he was even nice enough to buy me a phone card for more minutes so i can talk to kelli this month of transition with Red moving in and everything. granted, there was a promo code i got that gave me 200 minutes for the price of 60, but doc still paid for the 60 for me. it's kind of a consolation for not having a shrink any more. my old one gave me 2 refills on my meds, probably hoping i wouldn't come back, so i don't need him. i have time to wait to get an assesment with a new doctor and get settled.

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