Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"breed request report"

that is the subject of the email i get daily with the new arrivals at the shelter. every day i open it and load the pictures and scroll to the bottom and start looking for jack. the entire time hoping i see him and can make the call to doc. and every day i am disappointed. it's been almost three months since jack ran away. i am losing hope of ever finding him.

the wind has been raging here for the past two days. my newfound allergies are raging with them. so are doc's. he sounds awful. he stayed home last night because he felt so bad. he didn't sleep though, he kept to his sleep schedule and stayed up all night. he took a nap for a few hours this morning and now he is out with Red running errands. i'm enjoying my alone time.

my head is still spinning with the snatches of words i read of mine yesterday. though they didn't haunt my dreams. i actually had a really nice dream. i fell in love. she was cute, but she was funny and put me instantly at ease and we had a lot of fun. it was a great dream i only woke up from because i was on my back and it was hurting. but hours later, the dream and the nice feeling are still with me.

i'm huddled in front of the space heater. Red keeps it freezing in here for the dog. we must shave this dog. there have to be other samoyeds in the desert that survive just fine, but shaved. the coat is thick. she brushed him yesterday with a special comb and got a lot of under fur from him, but he's got to be shaved. doc asked me if i would help and i said i was taping it, i couldn't help. milo won't let me touch him, and when i tried to help give him a bath with Red, he snapped at me. far from me, he never meant to hurt me, but he wanted me to know he meant business.

upper 50's. windy for two more days. lower 60's for highs. i'm watching the weather. i'm bitter about this cold front. it isn't fair. by this weekend it will be in the upper 80's. yay!! now THAT'S what i'm talking about. skirt and tank top weather.

i started shaving my legs for the first time in two years, and i kind of want to take advantage of my smooth legs. and i don't really wear shorts. if i do, they are long, to the knee or past. skirts are the best. well, not wearing pants is the best, but being unable to do that because of the addition of a room mate, skirts will do.

i'm losing weight again. or still. i don't eat unless forced to. i just don't get hungry. when i get hungry, i eat. it's that simple. no one understands. doc says i need to eat to help my liver metabolize my meds, and that i am ruining my liver. meh. now i have Red bugging me to eat, too. joy.

we have a lot of fun. Red went out the other night and had a great time. i told doc that we want to go to First Friday next month. and we want him to drive us. he said he can't because it's always on a night he works. First FRIDAY, i told him. he is off. so he said maybe he wants to go. then we got into a discussion about which of us was more reluctant to be surrounded by all those people. it was funny.

Red and i gang up on him. it's great. we fuck with him all the time. except when he's fucking with us.

i still sleep a lot. and take long baths. doc nixed my reading Confessions of a Las Vegas Medic, so i'm reading bradbury's Martian Chronicles. or re-reading. love it.

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