Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

another boring day

Red went and volunteered at a dog rescue raffle at a biker show tonight. they asked her to model and gave her tshirts and all manner of swag. i wish i'd been invited. i might have gone. i would have gone. she says next time i am going.

today was another lazy day. i hung laundry and straightened my room. that's it. and i slept a little bit and spent the rest of the day with hookah and a good book.

the book is "Han Solo at Star's End", one of the Han Solo trilogy by brian daley. it's great mindless adventure. i've read them more than i can count. this is the only one that's unpacked.

i just finished tom robbin's "Skinny Legs and All". i wish i had more tom robbin's books unpacked, but it was a good read. it had been years since i read it and i had forgotten most of the details. well, all of the details.

next i'm reading "Confessions of a Las Vegas Medic". i don't know who the author is. it's a friend of doc's.

i've been reading a lot more. mostly in the tub, but now outside while i'm smoking or hanging out. and hookah time is the perfect time for reading. it makes the whole experience more calming. even if i am reading about high speed laser fights.

today's event of note: Red had doc all day and i didn't get to call kelli. i'm kind of mad about that. but i'll get over it. he'll let me call her during the week.

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