Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i relish my mornings

and i ketchup my afternoons.

alone time with the computer. not exiled to the patio to smoke, not sleeping in my room. not sitting here without my computer. i love this.

she had better not be leading him on with her constant flirting. if she hurts him, i'll go ballistic. it's cute to watch, but i worry for him. he's really into her. she's as crazy as i am, in different ways. and he is all about being there for her. helping her. it reminds me of how he deals with me.

her soap makes the bathroom smell amazingly good. i didn't know soap could do that. i love going in there. and i don't know what she used to clean out the fridge, but it smells great in there, too.

doc got in trouble yesterday. he loaned her my comforter. no. my stuff. i loaned her the coveted black flag shirt. my comforter. so i told doc and he told her and she took it kind of personally. which she shouldn't have. i'm just protective over some of my stuff. she understands, she's the same way with her stuff. so i got my comforter back and went straight to bed and snuggled up in it with simon, who was grateful to have it back. it's been in the laundry for a month.

ack! the temp is going down! what's up with that? it's supposed to be 87 today. Red is going to die. she's lived in oregon for years, she is used to cold, wet climates. all of her clothes are warm, she's making doc take her clothes shopping today. heh. and she thinks 78 in the sun is too hot. this summer is going to be hard on her. i foresee her smoking way fewer cigarettes.

the cats are playing. well, bagira and freddie are playing. she's become much friendlier towards the other cats since milo moved in.

speaking of milo, today is supposed to be the big day he gets shaved. i'm going to try to video tape it. he is a snow dog, he is dying here. at 66 degrees he's panting. but he's started drinking water again, so he's rehydrated.

he walks around the yard with his tail held up now. we play a game called "arf" where we bark at each other. yesterday he even licked my foot. it's just a matter of time before he lets me pet him.

when i went into my room at sunrise, simon was waiting for me up by the window. he was waiting for me to come in and pull the blinds up so he could get into the window and go to sleep. it was so cute. he just sat there while i pulled the blinds up and pet him. and then he climbed into the window.

we're getting a bin to use as a litter box. Red used this in her old house, where she had 10 cats. get one of those plastic packing bins, and fill that half way with litter. the sides are high, so there's no litter on the floor, so there's less mess. and the cats like vader, who prefer the open air litter boxes will likely use it. the covered corner box in the mudroom will go into doc's bathroom. i'll keep my litter box, and the bin will go in the mudroom. i think we're doing that today. or they're doing that today.

not a lot is required of me anymore. she does all the cleaning. i can just sit around. i need to find something to do. time to finally gather the poetry from my livejournal and get it formatted and published. i've got nothing better to do and i can do that on any computer i want, i don't need the laptop to do it.

Red has been dominating the laptop to watch netflix, and i want my laptop back, so i suggested doc set up computer number two for her. so he told her about it last night and she said, "i'm fine on the laptop on the couch". that's not the point. i want my laptop in front of me during the week. the weekends it goes to doc.

she has an obsession with movies. she hasn't had cable for years, so she's used to watching movies. i hate watching movies, they last too long for me to keep interested in, unless it's really good, which so few are. so there's a bit of conflict there. i wanted to make a playlist on a stick drive last night on the laptop and watch tv. and she wanted, understandably, to put in a movie, because it wasn't fair for me to dominate both. i'm not used to this. they ended up watching some violent war movie, so i went to bed.

i didn't have hookah this morning, and i'm debating it. i don't know what flavor i'll go for. but it sounds like a good idea. my coffee just shut off, which means i'll have to start nuking it, so i'll have to drink it faster and make a fresh pot.

howler is prowling the back yard. when freddie was bop-bop this morning, he tried to get her to chase him, but she was too busy chasing the mulberries falling from the tree next door. hehehehehe. so howler ran around like a mad cat, back and forth in front of freddie and she just ignored him. it was precious.

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