Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

we're watching the Fifth Element

i watched it yesterday, but Red hasn't seen it in years. it's so cool to see someone enjoy it like this.

no new pictures of milo . . . oh, i didn't tell you, milo has his own board on my site. just go to, his is the last board at the bottom. anyway, no new pictures of him today, he's being boring. Red doesn't feel good and he's sticking close to her, but mostly sleeping.

freddie still won't come out while milo is around. but with me getting up at four in the morning, we ave time to play and go bop-bop. maybe i'll try and stay up all night tonight to hang out with her and lelu. i'll watch farscape episodes. or firefly. or castle episodes on the computer. i keep forgetting i have those. i watched the first one of last season and got totally sucked in. another cop show to be addicted to, fabulous.

i sat outside this morning and listened to some good old fashioned hardcore, Fear. it was very cathartic. i had to listen to it softly, though, since it was 5 am. then, around 8, i started weeding. doc came to my window and asked what i was doing, tromping through the leaves that early in the morning. i just smiled and said, "weeding" and went back to it. now all we have to do is pick up the remaining piles, i picked most of them up. and then rake that side and the back yard will be clean. but for a big ass pile of leaves near the back wall.

it felt good to do physical work. and it felt great to see the results. some of the stalks of the weeds were an inch in diameter. i got pollen in my hair and leaves and my shoes are a dusty mess. and it was great.

did i tell you that freddie climbed Tony the Tree? yeah, the other night. i took her out darkness bop-bop and she disappeared on me. i grabbed the flashlight and was looking for her when i noticed a glint in the tree. sure enough, she was up there, having the time of her life. she was Pissed when i took her down. since then she and howler have tried to climb the big pine tree and not gotten very far. it's about 20 feet up before the limbs start. so i'm sure they'll both go back to Tony.

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