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stuff stuff stuff stuff

i think this is the last First Friday i'm going to miss for a while. Red and i want to go tonight but it isn't practical. we also want to go see the Evil Dead. both could be done if the truck was working.

good news on that front, she got it out of park, now we just have a dead battery to contend with. then reinsure and reregister it. she can get her driving license and we can tool around town.

next week we're taking the busses to the health and human resources office. i'm going to try to get medicaid and hope to hell it helps pay for my meds. plus, a lot more private doctors around here take medicaid but not medicare.

then maybe next week we'll go to the strip. i want to go take pictures of the inside of the cosmopolitan. and of course, see the atrium at the bellagio. it might be fun to go into the wynn buildings, i've never seen the inside.

then we're going to the double down. YEAH! we can get there by bus and a short walk. we want to go to the poetry slams moss is now holding. i want to scope it out and see if i can participate, etc. and of course there's punk rock bingo, which is always fun. and then the free shows, which you can't beat.

it's so cool to have a friend here.

the cats love her. lelu came out last night while milo was in the back yard fucking around and gave Red some love. she still hasn't seen freddie. freddie hides the entire time the dog is awake. she'll get over it in a couple of days when she sees no other cats have been eaten or viciously attacked, she'll calm down and come out while milo is around.

last night Red signed doc up for an online dating account. it was so funny, he was so embarrassed. he wasn't answering her questions, so i mouthed them to her. which was effective because she is half deaf and reads lips. i keep forgetting to face her or make sure she is looking at me when i speak to her. and i've been asking people to repeat themselves so often for the past 20 years that i'm not bothered by having to repeat myself all the time. i know i speak softly. and it might be harder for her to read my lips because of my missing teeth.

the yellow rose bush is going OFF. too many blooms to get a good picture of, but it really brightens up the green and brown of the yard. the little red rose bush is ready to go apeshit itself. i can't wait for that. i'm picking them all when they are open and letting them spend their last days floating in water in a bowl.

Red had some nag champa. in fact, i think i'll light a stick. ahh, much better. it's so much better to be able to burn incense for the pure joy of it rather than to cover up a smell, like we always had to do inn the apartment. it always smelled like smoke or weed or cat pee. the house doesn't smell of anything. i febreeze the couches and carpets, i change the boxes every day and they are in rooms off to the sides of the house where the smell, if there is any, doesn't permeate.

i finally figured out how to make the DVD player work with our convoluted tech set up. i'm watching the fifth element for the 568th time. later, i'll get Red into Farscape and Firefly. i've been watching NCIS and news and i'm probably driving her crazy. now that i can play DVDs, i'm free! now i just have to get may movies burned. *sigh* i can't afford an external hard drive right now. i'm going to heavily use my memory stick stash.

most of my big meory sticks are with kelli right now. but i have doc's 32 gig and a couple of 8s. today i continue my search for a burning program. any recommendations? i have a stack of blank DVDs just waiting to become the muppet movie and absolutely fabulous episodes. don't people know this? don't my computers realize? that it's time past to cooperate with me. i see taking apart a computer or two in the near future. i already have an old dell splayed out on the mudroom floor. i took the hard drive from it and tried to hook up to my laptop and it wouldn't spin. bummer. i don't know what was on it, but i was curious.

time to go out with a fresh cuppa and a smoke and enjoy the morning. it's 2 degrees out at 7:20am. great sweatshirt weather.

i slept three hours, and that with with two ambien and a valium. i'm going back to nyquil to keep me asleep. stupid insomnia.

doc is going crazy with two crazy women in the house. he's having a good time, though, i can tell he's happy. when milo warms up to him, he'll be happier still. he loves dogs to death.

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