Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

a quiet morning

i'm outside on the patio enjoying some quiet time with the cats. when i got up at 6, both doc and Red were up, then doc went to sleep and Red and i stayed outside talking. she's laying down now, and like i said, i'm luxuriating in some alone time.

i'm really optimistic about this. i think things are going to work out well.

since doc is asleep, i have nothing i can do. maybe take a hot bath. with both of them asleep i can't work in my room. i guess i could work on the mudroom for a while. empty it out and load it up again. it's almost empty now, just a few boxes and a set of drawers that i need to go through. yeah, i'll do that.

after i take my time out here. the recycling and trash men have come and gone and now the landscapers are next door working with their loud buzzing tools.

i'm posting some pictures of the yellow rose bush on twitter. so if you're a fan of roses, you might want to look out for that.

i'm also posting a picture of milo looking regal ad comfortable in the back yard this morning. he's very camera friendly.

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