Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

almost done

all that remains in my room to be dealt with is my box of gargoyles, and a small pile of clothes in my closet. finally i'm unpacked. mostly. once my gargoyles and some are is up. i also need to clean up the top of my dresser and put my gramma's american indian blanket down. and move a lamp. and find a power cord for my stereo. maybe even another speaker.

there is a dog drooling on my carpet and i haven't seen freddie or vader for hours. coincidentally, around the time milo arrived. he's been an angel.

and the room down the hall is now inhabited. they are taking the truck back now. i think doc has a crush on her, it's so cute. meanwhile, he is being extra nice to me. i can dig that. i don't care who is sleeping with whom, so long as no one is hassling me.

tomorrow i'm going to rake the other half of the yard and make one pile of the pine needles. then i'm going to weed. weed like the devil is chasing me. the area around tony the tree is all tall weeds. tall enough to lose a cat in. which i have done. freddie hides in the weeds from me. i'm going to put a stop to that.

then i'm going to bring at least two bags, or one bag and one box into my room to unpack and put away. if we have to move in a few months, i'm going to be pissed. but i've decided i want to stay here as long as we can. doc is with me on this.

i should go look for the level and put up the cork board. that will make doc happy. then i'll tidy up some more. there is always tidying to do, we have clutter. we are clean, we just have clutter.

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