Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oy, what a morning

i know i got up and did my regular routine of coffee, iced water and cigarettes. i know i took my meds. and the rest is a blur.

i cleaned up around the house
i vacuumed the whole house
i fed lelu
i made the calls i had to make
i raked the pine needle part of the yard
i filled and started the dishwasher

and then S came over. whirlwind. it is going to be so fun living with her. she and doc are out doing the things that unfortunately need to be done today to finalize her moving in.

all i have to do is stay awake. wait, let's add to that, shall we?

empty the dishwasher
make more coffee
hang the clothes up in my room
find a power cord for my stereo
find at least one speaker for my stereo
hook it up
clear up the clutter on the floor of my room
revacuum my room

that should keep me busy until they get back with the truck. then, when they go to get milo and her stuff, i can sleep until they get back, and then i'll help with unpacking. or maybe i won't sleep. maybe i'll finish what's to do in my room so i can bring more stuff in from the garage.

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