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all the stuff except some of it

so we pick milo up from the shelter (don't ask) this afternoon/evening. i need to make some calls and coordinate some document faxing between shelters. but the cops arranged it so we could pick the dog up instead of S. she'll be here around 10. then i don't know if we're dealing with cops tonight, or waiting for doc to deal with it. i hope we're waiting for doc to deal with it. he is infinitely patient and a definition of Switzerland must include his neutrality.

i have to clean up S's room today. i'll do that when i'm done here. it won't take long, there's only a couple of things in there. then i'll vacuum and febreeze it, no, not febreeze, i'll open the window and let it air out.

i feel so bad for S. she move away from chaos and pain just to move into more. B is being a fuckwit. everyone is falling apart. it's a mess. and i'm glad we're not a big part of it. doc has done his best to shield me from it. he consulted me extensively about S moving in. her coming over sunday was like an interview. i liked her. i could see myself living with her. she looks like Amy Pond from Doctor Who. she has straight red hair and is rail thin and dresses really cool. she is articulate and funny and intelligent.

and milo. i can't go on enough about milo. he didn't go after the cats, the cat food, the cat box . . . nothing. he lays down next to S and stays there. he only comes to her and doesn't seem to like other people, but he's friendly, not a harsh bone in his body. he's a samoyed, so he's a giant version of Fergus, my old dog. we're going to shave him. or rather, they are going to shave him for summer.

i want to get simon shaved for summer as well. he has mattes on his tummy, and he won't let me brush there. the only problem is, he has to be sedated, well, put under, for it to be done. that is dangerous. not terribly, but it does make me worry. but he'll be so much happier with short fur.

vader is now comfortable with his surroundings and has turned into a demon. he found some ratty old fur mousie that he plays with all the time he's not getting into trouble or sleeping on the comfy chair. he sneaks out at every opportunity, i think we're going to have to make him an outdoor/indoor cat. right now he and bagira are playing pounce under the dining room table among the debris.

i unpacked the CDs yesterday. jesus we have a lot of them. three CD racks of varying size. doc has more than me. when i clean up S's room, i'll take the stereo out of there and set it up in my room. then i can at least listen to music in my room while i read. maybe a good project for me today would be to do my room some more. i could get the stuffed animals back on the bed, hang up my clothes, and do my dresser before doc even gets home from work today.

it took a while, but the valium is working. i'm not rocking much anymore and my leg bouncing has calmed down a lot. i tend to only do it when i'm listening to music. the change to cymbalta seems to have done a LOT of good. i'm motivated again and not always tired. i only quit it the first time because of the fainting, but at the lower dose i'm on now, i don't seem to have that problem anymore.

i got the pharmacy shit worked out and as soon as i pay $300, i will get my cymbalta. the reason it was rejected was because it was $1850 for the three months. i pay 20% or am capped at $300. i hit my cap. here's the thing, i don't know where the hell i'm going to get the money. i have just enough in my account to pay rent. that's it until the end of the month. i'll have to "borrow" the money from doc. i really hope i can get food stamps, it will really help out with the finances.

okay, time to clean shit up. i'm tired of sitting here. i may even rake the yard while i have a cigarette. i want to make it easy to clean up dog messes. plus all the leaves are bugging the crap out of me. and the pine needles, they are choking off my ivy. i need to get that cleaned up first. then the leaves. busy day. great weather for it. i'll have freddie and lelu out with me for some company. and maybe my laptop for some music. now it's a project, okay, clean inside first, then do yard. right.

have a great day/night.

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