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so here i am at 5:20 am on a sunday . . .

i fell asleep at 5 pm and woke up, fed the cats and went to bed at 9. then i got up at 2. i'm watching, but not hearing CNN. i just look at the pretty pictures of the bombs going off.

there's been a lot on my mind lately, but i couldn't possibly put it into words. doc has been getting me to try for the last week, but i just can't articulate any of it. i think this is my mid-life crisis.

i made a photobook of my house and the cats today. i even put some text in, little captions. i wanted to make it for doc's mom for mother's day, but he said no. so i made it for kelli's mom. whom kelli has been gracious enough to share with me for the past 20 years. i put in pictures i thought she'd like, of the greenery and the rose bushes and the sunsets and sunrises and a few pictures of the house itself and the furnishings. it was fun, took me a couple of hours and i got it free, so i only had to pay postage. if you want to make one, you have until tuesday. go to, choose to make a photo book, take the easy way, for an 8x8 book, and use the code MYBOOK at checkout. a $30 book will cost 8.24 for postage. i love this site. they give away shit all the time. really, if you are into printing out your photos or making things with them, this is the site to sign up to. i've gotten 2 free photobooks and 50 free prints so far and i only signed up a few months ago. i could have gotten 101 prints free, but i didn't get to it in time and didn't have money for postage.

we are not totally unaffected by the sudden spring cool down. it's gone from mid 80s to mid 60s. it sucks. i can still sit outside during the day, as long as i stay in the sun. so i'm getting a lot of sun. i take freddie out with me and weed and sit on the stump while she eats grass and stalks bugs. something recently really scared her out there, because she won't leave my side when we're out there.

the cats don't seem to be getting which of us they are assigned to. we can only give so much attention at once, and if they get too close to each other they growl, so we've each taken on a set. vader, simon, freddie and felix are "mine". bagira, howler and lelu are "doc's". actually, we share lelu because she requires so little attention, and doesn't fight with the other cats. we also share vade because he can't decide which one of us is his "big". it works out well this way.

doc took a picture of freddie on my lap in the kitchen while i was smoking. you can see how tiny she is. she's two and a half years old, and vader, who is about ten months, is twice her size. so watch my tweets for that picture. they publish them on here still, right? i haven't been tweeting much, every so often an angry verbal fart driven by politics, but mostly it's just cat pictures.

oh, also, i'm on pintrest, in case you are, too. my user name is cydniey, of course. i don't have a lot on it, but i do keep it active. i actually may play with it this morning, since doc wanted me to wake him up 45 minutes from now.

i should go, this is my last chance to chain smoke before i wake him up. heh.

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