Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

how long has it been?

i've been too miserable and busy to post.

that said, misery is over and busy doesn't start back up until tomorrow.

we broke vader of that pooping on my bed thing. i steam cleaned my mattress and flipped it over and am back to sleeping on it instead of the couch. he's turning out to be such a cool cat.

i have to discuss changing evie's name. he's just not responding to it. i'm thinking of corbin. he spends most of the day out in the back yard or the garage. then in the evenings he sleeps on the couch with doc.

lelu is doing great on the cosequin. she jumps up on everything and plays in the back yard.

freddie and felix remain aggro towards the new cats. but that's fading. the big fights never come and they're getting tired of the game. vader has started making friendly gestures toward everybody.

simon is getting more social. he has two matts on his neck that doc and i need to cut off. and he is in need of a good brushing. i may do that tomorrow. he's still my bed buddy. in fact he won't let anyone else on the bed.

bagira has adjusted to his move here. he's a big cuddle kitty. and has no desire to go outside, though at his old house he spent most of his time outside. i adore him.

doc is doing really well. he and i are doing really well.

i'm getting rid of my shrink and finding a new one that will cooperate with the pharmaceutical company so i can get my meds. they micro manage the scripts and are very strict about what they won't pay for.

doc is home now. time to go.

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