Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

litterbox issues

vader has been sent to the back bathroom, where he has a big cushy bed and his own open litter box. it's the only open litter box in the house and i want him to think of it as his. he's probably afraid of the lidded litter boxes because they're too much like cages.

i miss him. there's no skinny cat at my feet, hogging my space heater. but we can't have him going to the bathroom willy nilly, so this is a necessary step. painful as it is for me.

we didn't set V free. it rained today and i didn't want to set her free in the rain. so i gave her treats and much love and i'm going to go in with catnip in a little while and see if she digs that. oh, how i want to keep her. whoever owns her is very lucky to have such an amazing cat.

i was just absentmindedly petting a cat and i looked down to see who it was and it was vader. he broke out of the bathroom. he's now curled up with doc. he's so damn sweet.

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