Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"i feel the heat of your heartbeat echo in my head like a scream"

yeah, guess that one. uh huh. i'll be impressed. super impressed. and no googling it.

dawn patrol got me a possible jack sighting. i chased the cat, i swear it was jack. when it got up on the wall between the property and the wash, i backed off. i was so upset. and then when doc didn't find him at the shelters, it just convinced me it was him.

we're setting V free in his neighborhood where we found him (V stands for Visitor). he's too friendly to be a stray.

vader is doing well. the medicine we're giving him is working. he keeps pooping in inappropriate places, though. he's also got to learn the word "no". he keeps jumping up on the counter when there's food out. bad kitty.

bagira sat on my lap today and let me pet him for a good half an hour. i fell asleep petting him, in fact. nothing more soothing than petting a cat. even skinny little vader. i can't wait for him to fatten up. right now he spends most of his time sleeping. and i'm not going to interrupt him. i'll let him rest up before i start the play and the training. he knows his name, that's a step in the right direction.

doc is getting collars for he and felix and bagira this weekend. i have rabies tags to distribute.

pearl jam's cover of "poor girl" by x is amazing.

since i sent kelli a copy of all my music, she's been finding things in the collection and reminding me of them and i've been listening to fabulous music all night. so what if i'm stuck in the 80s and 90s? i'm old. i'm allowed to be stuck.

pearl jam's cover of nick cave's "the ship song" is also amazing, though incomplete.

alright, i admit it, i'm a closet pearl jam fan. but i like their covers better than their music. except "spin the black circle". that song is excellent.

i really miss limewire. it was great for finding the odd rare piece of wonderfulness.

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