Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

on cats and stuff

i got up way too early this morning. i keep waiting for the sky to lighten and have to remind myself it's still in the four o'clock hour.

vader is curled up in front of my space heater, between my feet. every so often i talk to him and pet him and he meows at me. he still has a kitten mew. i don't buy that he's two years old. i'd go with closer to 6 months.

he has totally attached himself to his savior, doc. as soon as he comes home from work, vader is all over him. vader sleeps with him. vader cuddles with him. vader goes to him when i call. vader is just what doc needed. kind of a replacement for chloe, not jack. vader is more cuddly, like chloe. i know he thinks that little girl is the reincarnation of chloe, but the bond that he and vader have built over the past few days is unbelievable.

simon has taken a radical attitude change since vader chased him back the other day. he doesn't his or growl at vader any more. freddie still does, but she growls at everybody but felix and jack. bagira is cool with whatever happens, as long as he gets fed and pet. he's pretty easy to please.

vader has a liking of people food. okay, vader has a rabid love of people food. he ate a pita yesterday. and part of a pizza crust that he stole from me. he has no manners at all. we're training him slowly but surely. the rules are that you sit back and relax while the people eat and they will give you some. if you get up in their plates, you get nothing. unless you drool all over a pita. heh.

oh, it's five. the sky will be lightening in the next 45 minutes. i don't know if i'll go back to sleep after dawn patrol. i have two places to go on patrol, both near by. i'm not stressed out about it at all. not like yesterday.

i'm going to try to get some video documentation of vader today. just because i've gotten videos of all the new cats when we got them. oh, i have to do bagira, too. vader will be easier. it's supposed to be a clear day, so there will be plenty of light.

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