Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"i'd give away eternity, if you would come back to me."

dawn patrol brought no sightings. where is he? i got so lost getting home. i left at 6 and i've been home long enough to feed lelu and vader their special food and that's it.

i let vader up on the counter to eat his special food. i know i'm not supposed to and i clean the counter with disinfectant after. he's just so tiny and so cute, i can't say no to him. he's curled up between my feet right now. he loves my space heater as much as i do.

i'm not sure where he slept last night. i slept on the couch, hoping he would jump up with me, but felix got there first. so felix and i got to spend some quality time together. he's been mad since jack left, just in a foul mood. it's hard to spend time with him because he's always so angry and doesn't want to be bothered with. yesterday i caught him sleeping on doc's bed right next to jack's spot.

aww, vader just lay on my foot. he's so warm and soft.

there's a jack hopeful at the shelter. that means doc has to go to the shelter today and i was really hoping to give him a break from that for a day or two, but this cat's picture is just like jack's lost poster picture, but with the cat in a cage. he was the last one in the email. i start at the bottom now to get the most recent. oh, i want to find my boy.

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