Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

did i mention vader is cute?

he follows doc around like a puppy. he's asleep on doc's blanket right now. he's just what doc needed.

i'm going to a new neighborhood on dawn patrol. it's about a mile away from here, but it's where the sighting was. maybe i'll find my jack this morning. wouldn't that be great?
i can't wait for he and vader to meet. jack is going to love him. a cat his size, as attached to daddy as jack is. there will be jealousy, but doc is good at balancing out attention.

the email from the shelter should be here any minute so i can check for jacks. i keep hoping as i go through the pictures that the next one will be jack. we'll find him. i just hope whoever finds him has the wisdom to call animal control. i check every day, so there's no way we'll lose him to termination. so i'm not really worried about that. we have enough money put aside for his reward and for getting him out of kitty jail.

we have to take vader in for a checkup in two weeks. we'll go to the shelter's clinic so there will be no charge for the visit. we're changing his food, so they gave us anti-diarrheals for him to mix in with soft food. he ate it all yesterday, or today. whichever.

today, tomorrow and yesterday are all relative when you sleep at random times during the day. i make sure i'm up for dawn patrol and dusk patrol, but any other time you can find me sleeping.

jack's candle is about to burn out after two weeks. i'll have to get another one out to light for him. i brought the box of candles in, so i should be able to find one to burn for him. doc is more superstitious than i am, and i support him in it. anything to make him feel better.

speaking of, we have been getting along so well. he's been smiling at me and saying thank you and i'm sorry and all the communicative things i've always wanted him to say. i called him today at 3:30 to tell him whatever he was doing, finish it up and come home and have a beer and go to sleep. he laughed and said thank you. it made me feel so good. and he did it. well, he came home and had a beer. he didn't go to sleep for a while, he was still up when i lay down at 6. so i got a good 5 hours sleep. he got about 4.

vader's poor balls are so swollen. if he's still like this next week, i'll take him to the clinic and see if there's an infection. he keeps sitting down like he's going to clean himself with his legs all spread and then just sits there. poor thing.

i'm going to bed now. only a few hours until dawn patrol and i want to get some sleep before i go. maybe today will be the day i find jack.

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