Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

there is a problem with mrs. moriarty

apparently we're lucky to have gotten as far with the couple as we did. there is some kind of problem. scuttlebut round the neighborhood says beware. but no one would say what the issue is. whatever. i still hope she finds my jack.

the more professionals that doc talks to, the more he becomes convinced that someone has jack and is keeping him as their own. hopefully they will see the flyer. i did another street door to door today. as long as we have money to spend on copies, i will distribute them where ever i can.

tomorrow i have to call Ms.Paloma and tell her i can't adopt her cat. but to take it to the henderson shelter, which is a no-kill shelter. and they are VERY attentive and affectionate with their cats. the cat is young enough that it should be adopted very quickly. it breaks my heart that i can't take him in, but doc told me that there is a 6 month old doppleganger of jack that is slated to be put down next week that he wants to adopt. jack is his cat, it's his decision. and i'd rather save a cat.

to whomever has my jack. please return him to us. we love him and would never let him out on purpose. we just want our baby back.

the vet laughed at doc when he called jack his "boy" until doc explained he had no kids, then the vet stopped laughing and nodded in understanding.

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