Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

mrs. moriarty might have jack

she has a guest house with a dog door. she's going to go through it and look for him. she has a shed with a cat hiding under it. didn't respond to me. and she has a garage with a dog door that she is going to go through. if she catches him, she has a kennel. she will keep in contact with me.

by the way, she thinks i'm english. it's easier with the lack of teeth to have the accent. i i know that's a really bad stereotype but it works. people don't stare at my teeth, they just want to hear me talk. so i'm a dork. but it works. and what's the point of being crazy anyway?

another woman called wanting to know if i wanted to adopt her jack-like kitten because she doesn't want to take it to a shelter. luckily we know of one around here that is no-kill so i will refer her to them if we can't take him in. i know, another cat. meh.

that's all i have energy for. i'm going to wait for the valium to work and drink my hazelnut coffee.

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