Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i have a good feeling about today

maybe it's finally getting several hours of sleep. maybe i'm just bolstered by the near miss yesterday. but i have a good feeling about today and jack.

doc is going to the house with the barn where the strays hang out. jack is a social cat, he gets along with everyone. he's low on the stray cat totem pole, so he won't be seen as a threat. chances are he could have joined a cat community. the woman with the barn sounds like she feeds the strays and takes care of them. maybe he's there.

there's another hopeful at the shelter for doc to go look at. it's so hard to tell from the pictures. the cats are often angry or scared and look different than themselves. it didn't say if he was neutered or not. they really need to specify that. it would rule out half the cats doc's gone to see.

i finally sent kelli my music collection. well, 59 gigs of it. i have another 40 gigs of tv shows for her. stuff like torchwood. stuff she's missed. firefly. she never saw firefly. she saw serenity, but never the series. among other things, she's missing a nekkid nathan fillion.

i posted pictures of bagira on twitter. he was on doc's lap for a rare affection session. usually you have to go to him. this time he came to doc.

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