Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm freezing today

and the walk around the neighborhood calling jack before the garbage guys come around didn't help. i'm all bundled up in front of the space heater.

my phone ran out of minutes this morning while i was on the phone with doc. so i emailed him, and i hope he checks his email. i'm glad he made it to work. he said it's slow and he keeps falling asleep. his sleep schedule is all fucked because of this jack thing. mine is too, but i don't have to work.

if i hadn't had to go out for the dawn patrol, i would have gone back to bed at 4:30 when i got up. and i'll likely stay up until doc goes to bed. or to couch.

i'm just glad to get some alone time. him being around all the time was driving me crazy. i can't stand it when people sulk and i can't help them.

there were no new black cats in the petharbor email this morning. so doc only has one shelter to check today.

i hope the UPS guy calls doc's number tonight when he can't get through to mine. it's a long shot, but i want to check out that found cat. and when doc gets home, i have to call the lady with the shed and send doc over. he's going to have to do that because if jack is there, he's hiding and won't come out for me.

maybe today will be the day.

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