Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

fuck twitter, livejournal is where it's at

i just got back from distributing fliers door to door. half the neighborhood think i'm british. the only way i could talk to people without losing my shit was to use a comedienne's accent to talk to them. one guy acted like he was going to go out and hunt for jack. one woman gave me a hug.

doc's on his way to the shelter. there were three new jack cats in the email last night. so he's going to go check on them. i don't envy him this task.

much later . . .

the fliers are starting to work. we got a call from a woman who has a shed where many cats hang out. i will go over there tomorrow. and my UPS guy called, he's seen our fliers and he saw that a cat was found along his route, so he's going to get more information tomorrow for us.

no jacks in the shelter. he has a twin, though. long nose and everything. even reacted to doc. but he didn't have the secret mark. the one thing we kept out of the flier was a small detail about a mark he has. we'll use it when we get the call to see if it's the right cat.

doc wasn't as torn up today after the shelter visit. he's doing the other one tomorrow, though. he couldn't handle them both today. i went out at sunset so he could sleep. i want him to go to work tonight, he's got to start functioning again.

i'll go back out at dawn with jack's treats and laser pointer. i end up walking home crying my eyes out. tonight when i went out, i got lost but somehow made it home. i don't understand how, but i did.

i found a park, and wandered it looking for jack. nice little park. no jack. not as nice a park.

i should try to get some sleep. maybe i'll take a bath. it would be nice to stay up for NCIS. but i don't think i can.

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