Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

no happy no jack

doc is getting some sleep in before the shelter opens. i got an email early this morning, a cat that looks just like jack came in over night. so doc is going down to check.

if he's in this neighborhood or those surrounding, he's inside somewhere or at a shelter. he is not out wandering or doc would have found him and someone would have spotted him.

my valium script came through last night at 11. i hope the doctor worked overtime until then on paperwork. dick. so doc is going to pick that up this morning, as well. finally. then maybe i can calm down. and i'm giving one to doc so he can get some uninterrupted sleep.

someone ripped down a bunch of our flyers. so we're going out today and redoing them. we couldn't go out last night to paper because it was raining. so we just searched.

hopeful sign? there's been no roadkill. we haven't found him dead. this email from the shelter has given me hope.

doc said he almost brought home a dog. but didn't know how i'd feel about it, considering. i told him if he found one, to do it. regardless of jack, i want to rescue a dog from the animal foundation, i've wanted to for a few years, but couldn't because we were in the apartment. we have a secure yard now, and i have nothing but time to take care of him.

jack is a separate thing. and i really hope it's him in the shelter. the cat in the email had no collar, and was estimated to be aged wrong, but jack is small and looks that age.

seaivy, thank you for your blessings and prayers, i cannot tell you, or even begin to tell you, how touched i am and how much they mean to me. you are one special soul.

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