Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

bagira has come home

but not jack.

a neighbor spotted bagira and came and got doc. as soon as he was chased, bagira came right home. i brought him in and called doc to come home.

i am now trying desperately trying to stay awake. i have to wake doc up at 10:30, and i'm on no sleep. so was he. i think i'll take another walk around the neighborhood

tomorrow we are making flyers and getting them printed out and going door to door with them. the worst case scenario is someone tries to keep him. he's got a collar and rabies tag, and he's the only cat in the neighborhood that does, so i'm not worried about someone calling animal control on him.

we put his sweatshirt out on the front porch. so if he comes home he smells it and knows he's in the right place and has somewhere warm to curl up. if he goes to the back, the garage door is open, so he can get in there, and there's food. since, to our knowledge, he hasn't eaten since dinner last night.

okay, time to go for a walk. which, by the way, i can do now. as long as i stay in the neighborhood. a step in the right direction.

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