Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

bagira drama

doc left the garage door open yesterday and bagira snuck out. doc also had the large garage door open, and was afraid bagira went outside. so we put his food outside and i went out and called him occasionally. then, as doc was leaving, he saw bagira in the garage and got the scooter out quickly.

i've been going into the mudroom, which the garage is off of, and calling bagira, hoping i could get him in. we had the mudroom shut off from the house so no other cats got into the garage. i was smoking in my spot in the kitchen and i saw jack watching the mudroom door. so i slowly opened it and bagira ran into the garage. totally frustrated at this point, i grabbed his treats and shook the bag. he came right in. *facepalm*

so he's wandering around the house. being followed at a distance by sai sai, felix and jack. there has been a bit of hissing, but no growling, and no howling out of felix. these are all good signs.

we just spent time bonding in the kitchen. he jabbers a lot. many different meows that are easy to mimic. so he's in the kitchen, and the boys have found something else to do that doesn't involve bagira. that's the nice thing about them, short attention spans.

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